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Banner is a rectangular graphic element that is placed on a website to attract visitors' attention.

One of the following technologies can be used to create a banner:

  • raster banners in gif, jpeg and png formats;

    The most popular and affordable banner technology. It's the best choice, if no animation required or if animation is limited to, for example, periodical label highlighting.
  • vector banners in Adobe Flash (ex. Macromedia Flash, SWF) format;

    Flash-banners are appropriate when you need to create sophisticated animation. Very high quality, small size and scalability are other advantages of the technology.
  • our technology — text only and text/raster banners that exploit javascript/css animation.

    This technology is intended to replace Flash animation when the latter needs to be avoided for one of the following reasons:
    1. Flash requires browser plugin to be installed;
    2. search engines ignore Flash, so all links and text inside of Flash banners is invisible for them.
    → sample of banner powered by javascript/css animation
Banners - portfolio
→ banners in our portfolio