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Web Programming / Smooth Effects, Menu, Navigation, Banners Without Flash

What's wrong with Flash? It's an excellent technology for creating vector animation, but…

Search engines don't like it. They simply ignore flash links (in menu, navigation, banners), making website crawling impossible. This means no users from Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. Sounds awful as some sites get 90 percent of traffic from them!

Fortunately there's a solution — most beautiful effects can be created with mootools javascript framework.

Here is a quick demonstration of how nice and smooth mootools animation can be:

We can transform almost any your idea into webpage code that will work in all modern browsers without any plugins!

Here is just a short list of effects we can add on your website:

  • slide show;
  • object morphing (e.g. one paragraph of text transforms to another);
  • smooth tween of object color, size and position;
  • a combination of any effects according to your scenario.
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