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Vector Illustrations / Portrait

Vector portrait is an excellent present for a close friend, relative or for yourself.

It's not just a stylish picture with attractive lines and outstanding look. What can one do with traditional drawing? Hang on the wall or put on the desk. And what's about vector portrait? Well, it just depends on your imagination! You can put it on business cards, print as a poster or even a billboard, place on your t-shirt… It's really verstatile!

We provide final result in the following formats:

  • CDR (CorelDRAW X3), TIFF(A3, 300 dpi), JPEG(A3, 300 dpi);
  • JPEG optimized for blogs and social networks (avatar).
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Wedding Portrait

We can draw a wedding portrait even before ceremony takes place. Your guests will be amazed when they receive invitations decorated with bride and fiance portrait!

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