Azbuka Zhilya

Real Estate Agency Website

Title: Azbuka Zhilya Sever real estate agency website
The task was to create the best real estate agency website ever. Period.
We watched through every pixel on all major related websites. And it became clear that such a website is only as good as its offer browsing is. Visitors just want to see what you can offer them.
We developped a Joomla 1.6 component and a number of plugins and modules to turn cutting-edge CMS into real estate agency website engine.
Powerful server-side stuff needs appropriate client-side. We created Mootoos 1.3 based visual component library. Select lists, checklist combo, combo with integrated Moscow metro map, range sliders with fancy logarithmic scales — it all is there for your convenience!
Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Mootools. And yes, that's our first website powered by Joomla 1.6.
Azbuka Zhilya Sever real estate agency website